LEC (Liberia)
Removal of Oil Contamination and Design of New Tanks, Pipeline and Pump House to Supply Oil

Date: 2014 - 2015
Description: Consultancy services to develop a plan for the demolition of the old HFO storage tanks, cleaning of debris, removal of oil contamination in LEC Bushrod yard and Engineering Consultancy for the design of new tanks, pipeline and pump house to supply heavy fuel oil (HFO) to the power plants that are planned to be constructed in the LEC Bushrod power plant site.

Services offered:

  • Preparation of a plan for clearing and cleaning the old day tanks, and prepare the site before construction;
  • Design of a pipeline connecting the BMC pier and the Bushrod Island HFO storage tanks;
  • Design of new storage tanks at the Bushrod Island site, with a total capacity of approximately 16,200 cubic meters, equivalent to the consumption of generating plant totalling 40 MW at base load for around 90 days;
  • Preparation of a cost estimate and corresponding bidding document and assistance during the bidding process. 

Somita-SA (Burkina Faso)
Second Ball Mill at the Taparko mine

Date: 2012 - 2013  Description : Installation of a second ball mill at the Taparko gold mine.


Services offered :

  • Detailed engineering
  • Preparation of tender documents

MEMD (Uganda)
Feasibility Study on Distribution and Storage Facilities for Petroleum Products from a Refinery

Date: 2012 Description: Provide an independent assessment of Uganda’s future distribution and storage system requirement based on envisaged production alternatives from the inland refinery.

Services offered:

  • Route selection for five different pipelines (Over 1,000 km of route studied);
  • Preliminary design for petroleum depots;
  • Transfer of knowledge to Ugandan professionals;
  • Cost estimate

WSP (Republic of Congo) 
M'Boundi-Djeno Gas Pipeline

Date: 2006Description: Design of a natural gas transmission system between the producing field at M’Boundi and  gas fired electric power plants of 25MW at Djeno, a distance of 55km. A parallel pipeline was included to transport sea water for injection into a solution mining project.

Services offered:

  • Preliminary design
  • Flow calculations (2 phases: natural gas and liquids)
  • Site visit
  • Route design

Deloitte (Republic of Congo)Technical Audit of Energy Infrastructures 

Date: 2011 Description: Technical audit of a natural gas pipeline, a 300 MW electric generating station and a high voltage transmission system between Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville, in the Republic of Congo.

Services offered:

  • Review of FEED, detailed engineering and construction documents
  • Calculation to validate or challenge technical conclusion and design parameters


(Sans titre) Initiation of the Madagascar Petroleum Board Natural Gas Transport Study, Abidjan Biogas Development, Giza, Egypt. INGA Power Station, Congo River, RDC Pipeline on bipod supports, Congo Pipeline, forested area, Congo Suspended pipeline, Mpozo River, Congo Pipeline right of way, Lukala, Congo Scraper Trap at Ango Ango, Congo


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