Filtration of Sodium Hypochlorite SludgeOlin Chlor Alkali Products
Filtration of Sodium Hypochlorite Sludge

Date: 2010 Description: Installation of equipment for the filtration of sodium hypochlorite sludge.


Services offered :

  • Preliminary engineering
  • Design and equipment sizing
  • Hydraulic analysis
  • Tender specifications (mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumentation)
  • Project budget, installation supervision and assistance for commissioning

4.55 MW Turbine Alternator


Date: 2013 - 2015  Description: Power production with no injection to Hydro-Québec’s 25kV network. The turbine-generator unit is powered by waste energy recovered from the process via an isobutene cycle.

Services offered:

  • Preliminary and detailed engineering
  • Connection study in accordance with H-Q’s standards
  • Assistance in the construction, power testing and commissioning
  • Testing and pre-operational verification of protection systems

Replacement of 25 kV SubstationOlin Produits Chloralcalis
Replacement of 25 kV Substation


Date: 2012 Description: Replacement of the existing 25 kV, 600V substation as well as its two main transformers (T5 & T6).

Services offered:

  • Calculations, design and selection of the components
  • Validation of equipment characteristics
  • Plans and specifications for the installation
  • Plans and purchasing specifications for equipment
  • Assistance for tenders
  • Project management
  • Technical assistance to the site and assisted commissioning

AbitibiBowater Inc.AbitibiBowater Inc.
Glycol Heating and Supercalenders Project

Date: 2011 Description: Installation of several hundred meters of new piping.

Services offered :

  • Surveys and detailed engineering of piping


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