Des gens d'industrie et d'énergie

Johnston-Vermette is an engineering firm established in the industrial and energy fields. The firm distinguishes itself by its approach and its industrial solutions

Dernières réalisations
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Mining & Metals

Johnston-Vermette has realized various projects in Canada and abroad within the mining and metals fields. Our multidisciplinary expertise enables our company to understand the complexity of ore processing and metallurgical plants projects.

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Johnston-Vermette has worked for over 20 years on the African continent through Johnston-Vermette International (also known under the name of OPTEC Energy-Services, its subsidiary responsible for international activities).

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Diluted Pulp Purifiers


Johnston-Vermette offers engineering solutions to industrial enterprises in the interests of energy efficiency and sustainability of the facilities. With an experience of over 20 years in manufacturing, the firm has developed expertise in chemical plants, pulp and paper, metal and food products.

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Saint-Laurent Pipeline


Johnston-Vermette is the leader in pipeline engineering in Québec. With over 40 years of experience in the transport of hydrocarbons, Johnston-Vermette has built an expertise in project management, minimizing the construction costs and delivering excellence to its customers.

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Johnston-Vermette can count on its know-how to meet the constantly evolving needs. The firm offers tailored solutions to energy sub-sectors such as hydropower, nuclear, distribution and thermal energy. 

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