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June 4th, 2015
Johnston-Vermette obtains its authorization from the AMF
Johnston-Vermette obtains its authorization from the AMF

On May 13, 2015, Johnston-Vermette Consulting Group obtained the authorization from the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) to contract with public institutions. The firm is now registered as an authorized company meeting the integrity requirements set by this organization. With this step, Johnston-Vermette strengthens its commitment to contribute to a transparent and ethical business environment, key elements of the company’s guidelines since its foundation.

"Ethics is a core value at Johnston-Vermette since its inception in 1993. We want to grow on solid foundations, which is why every stage of our growth is achieved with great care for compliance and integrity" says President and CEO Luc Vermette. Indeed, the firm has maintained an excellent reputation for past 22 years in the consulting engineering sector, a perfect score which comes mainly from the fact that its values are well integrated into the working methods of its team and internal culture. The recent years have been difficult for the consulting engineering sector. In this volatile environment, Johnston-Vermette was able to stay on course. Its reputation has never been questioned, which favored the acquisition of new clients and helped maintain existing ones, clients who increasingly favor the ethical dimension when selecting suppliers.

To formalize this position, several actions have been implemented at Johnston-Vermette, including the creation of a code of ethics and conduct. Recently approved by the Board of Directors, the code confirms the intentions of the company to act in accordance with the AMF regulations. In the future, all employees, subcontractors and independent workers associated with Johnston-Vermette will have to read and approve this code annually. Also, to enhance the firm’s governance practices, an external director will shortly join the board, sharing his considerable experience in the markets targeted by the firm and his expertise in working with the most famous international companies.

All these actions confirm Johnston-Vermette’s willingness to integrate its core values of ethics, accountability, respect and rigor, in the heart of its activities. "Beyond mere intentions, we demonstrate daily to our clients, partners and the general public, that we actually move from words to deeds and that these values are central to who we are" says Luc Vermette.


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