Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment

Johnston-Vermette, certified ISO 9001: 2008, is capable of providing engineering services that are entirely framed by the principles of quality management. Moreover, in 2010, the firm successfully completed its qualification to the quality standard N286-05 in the nuclear field.

Over the years, the quality team of Johnston-Vermette has implemented a system of quality management in accordance with the above standards which ensures an adequate quantification of four corporate objectives:


  • Deadlines: deliver our products and services according to agreed schedules;
  • Costs: deliver our products and services at the lowest possible cost and in accordance with agreed budgets;
  • Technical adequacy: deliver our products and services according to the needs of the client and according to agreed arrangements;
  • Relationships: deliver our products and services while maintaining good customer and colleague relations.


Each of the above objectives will help us reach our primary goal which is customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the quality team at Johnston-Vermette contributes to maintaining and improving our quality management system so that it is tailored to Johnston-Vermette. The quality system is first and foremost a tool to help employees at all stages of their projects.

Johnston-Vermette is the recipient of three mentions issued under the auspices of the competition organized by the Mouvement québécois de la qualité (MQQ).


Download our ISO 9001:2008 certificate

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